Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interview with Tyler Guest!

Tyler Guest is a practicing 18-year-old Certified Hypnotist. He appears regularly at the comedy club Wiseguys doing family-friendly hypnosis shows and has his own YouTube channel where he offers both examples of his work and brief tutorials. I caught up with Ty, a fellow student of teacher Nathan Thomas, on Skype for an interview.

Tyler Guest (C.H): Lets do this.
BRIZ: Indeed. I made a list of questions.
TYLER: Oh boy!
BRIZ: I hope you like to go on and on and elaborate and stuff.
TYLER: Ha. We will see. Depends on if I know what you're talking about.
BRIZ: How old were you when you got certified as a hypnotist?
TYLER: 17.
BRIZ: And at what age do you think you got interested in hypnosis?
TYLER: 14. I saw a stage hypnosis show. I tried to buy a book from the hypnotist after the show, but my mother wouldn't bring me my money. That summer I was working at a scout camp and one of the employees hypnotized my brother's best friend. That summer I went home and read all about it for several days. Hypnotized my first person a few days later, with a really weird technique.
I began doing hypnosis on and off for several years, not really knowing what I was doing. I would hypnotize my friends on weekends. I learned a very valuable thing from hypnotizing my friends. If you embarrass your subjects they won't want to be hypnotized again.
BRIZ: Too true. But wait, go back. What was the "really weird technique" you used that first time?
TYLER: When I was 15, I saw my first Instant Induction on YouTube. I watched the video over and over and over, broke it down and preformed it. I did my first instant Induction when I was 15 years old. I have that video on my YouTube channel now
BRIZ: Oh, so I've seen it? I need to include it in the interview. Which clip was that?
TYLER: This is the video of my first instant induction.

TYLER:I pay tribute to this fellow for giving me the idea for my website name.
BRIZ: Yeah, what does that name mean?
TYLER: His channel is Rapid Transformations my website is Rapid Trance Formations.
TYLER: I learned from this video.

BRIZ: So where did SASRosco come from?
TYLER:Rosco03 came from my email address. SAS came from a video game I used to play.
BRIZ: Ah, I'm with you now.
TYLER: Saints And Soldiers is what SAS stands for. I figured that would be appropriate considering I'm LDS [Latter-Day Saints, an abbreviation for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints].
BRIZ: Love that movie [referring to the dramatic film Saints & Soldiers]. Mine would have been BTY for Best Two Years.
TYLER: Great show, huh!
BRIZ: "Flip, Elder!" [quoting dialogue from the movie]
TYLER: Hahahaha! Great show!
BRIZ: I wore out the DVD! You perform shows at WiseGuys comedy club—any skeptics/resistance to an 18-year-old working at a performer's club?
TYLER: Most people don't know I'm 18 when I perform. However, at the end of a show I told them my age and everybody was in shock.

BRIZ: Excellent. Backtracking a bit, what was it about that hypnosis show you saw at 14 that so fascinated you?
TYLER: I just thought it was cool I have always been fascinated with ghosts and stuff like that
BRIZ: Ghosts? Really? How did that tie into hypnosis for you? Just more of the unknown?
TYLER: Hypnosis fit into the creepy section, so I thought it was cool. I thought it would be fun to do. For the longest time I was afraid of hypnosis even though I was hypnotizing people. Hahahaha.
BRIZ: Really, even while you were practicing it?
TYLER:I have always been interested in paranormal stuff and hypnosis fit into that category. When I saw the first hypnosis show I was freaked out I had that common fear of what if I don't wake up!
BRIZ: Okay, that leads right into my next question. Recently, when I gave a talk at a high school, some parents expressed their concern over inviting evil "mind control" into the classroom. One deeply religious student refused to attend his own class! Have you ever met with any objection to your hypnosis on the basis of faith? By members of your church or any other?
TYLER:I used to joke around with people when they ask me if I had ever been hypnotized. I would reply, "Heck No! Hypnosis is mind control!" This is generally after my pretalk. Hahaha.
BRIZ: But no one has taken you aside at church or anything?
[TYLER: Oh, yes. Hahaha.
BRIZ: What happened? May I ask?

TYLER: I would hypnotize people at school and we would have fun. However, some very religious people freaked out! The next day I was in the principals office. Hahaha.
BRIZ: What happened there??
TYLER: Eventually there was a group of us hypnotists at my school doing hypnosis. It got out of control. People started watching us do instant inductions, and they would copycat what we did and hypnotize people in school and have them do embarrassing things and upset the person being hypnotized. I was the leader of this group
BRIZ: No way! What kind of embarrassing things did you have them do?
TYLER: I didn't have them do embarrassing things. I was just called down to the office and they told me not to do hypnosis.
BRIZ: Oh, you were just the ringleader...the minions did the embarrassing suggestions.
TYLER: I was more of a tutor to some of my friends that got interested in hypnosis. People that I didn't even know would watch me do inductions and go around and hypnotize random people.
BRIZ: That's trouble.
TYLER: The minions were fine it was bystanders. I told the [copycats] off.
BRIZ: A-ha! Cursed mountebanks. You've become known (by me at least) for really innovative induction techniques; the High-5, the Patty-Cake Induction, the Hakk-Ptui induction, etc. Can you share inspiration for those, or talk about how your inventiveness adds to your sessions?
TYLER: Oh by the way, that hypnotist that I first saw--he is now one of my mentors.
BRIZ: Who is it?
TYLER: Sean Dee, The Hypno Hick. I have several mentors- Shawn Fetters, Trayce Waterlin.
BRIZ: I can't believe I don't know any of them!
TYLER: Sean Dee was the hypnotist that got me interested .
BRIZ: Can I find them online anywhere?
TYLER: They are not big stars.
TYLER: They are just local hypnotists. Hypnotic Hand = Shawn Fetters. Hypno Hick = Sean Dee. Trayce Waterlin = Trayce
TYLER: That's their website [names].
BRIZ: Okay, I'm running out of time now, so....I LOVE the prom photo of you with date/friends hypnotized on stairs. Is that for real—and did you hypnotize anyone else at the event?
TYLER: The two girls are hypnotized. The guy is hypnotized but doesn't know it. Hahaha.

BRIZ: He had no idea?
TYLER: Before I went to prom this really religious girl's mother called my house and told my parents that I was not do hypnosis.
TYLER: She was in our prom group, not in the picture, hahaha. Back to the high school story
BRIZ: So how did you get this guy under without his knowledge--and has he seen the picture??
TYLER:I got called into the principal's office several times because of what I did, and several more times for things I knew nothing about.
BRIZ: So...the guy at prom...what did you do and how did you do it? Fess up.
TYLER: Hypnosis feels normal. We use convincers to prove to people that they are hypnotized. If you act like you're hypnotized, you are actually hypnotized. I just did an Induction and told him to lay down.
TYLER: I'm going to take the lead on this interview now...hahaha. I did hypnosis on and off for 2 years when I was 14-15.
BRIZ: Aw, c'mon, I had a couple more questions...but oh well, I'll let you go first, smarty.
TYLER: I lost interest for a while and a hypnotherapist came to our school to talk and it sparked my interest again.
BRIZ: Okay, this is good stuff. go on.
TYLER: On My 16th birthday I found the IATH. I followed the lessons provided and did research.
When I was 17, I got certified and now I'm Utah's youngest professional hypnotist at the age of 18.
As for my unique inductions I just mess around with stuff I find a pattern and break the crap out of it, haha. My eye flutter induction was on accident. I just looked at my friend that I'd hypnotized before and fluttered my eyes and her head dropped it was super funny
BRIZ: You're right, you are better at this than me. Just keep going until you get tired.
TYLER:I was like "Holy crap!" so a little while later, I walked up to a different person that I had hypnotized and did the same thing and he dropped right into trance. I didn't even ask him. I just fluttered my eyes at him and he went night-night.

BRIZ: You definitely have the knack.
TYLER: It was super funny
TYLER: I was like "Oh yeah!" The funniest induction I have ever done was on accident also. I was messing around with this magic wand, and there was something stuck in the tube. So I blew inside it and a styrofoam ball came out, hit this girl right into hypnosis. So funny! I laughed my butt off! It hit her right in the head she just slumps over, hahaha.
BRIZ: I'm beginning to have a whole new understanding for these innovative inductions of yours...
TYLER: Hahaha.
BRIZ: I don't want to keep you all night and this is already a great interview. Is there anything else you'd like to add, Tyler?
TYLER: It's fine, I'm good. Talking its fun. What else do you want to know?
BRIZ: Okay...Best subject/Worst subject. Go.
TYLER: Worst subject- my father.
TYLER: "Sleep!" He starts snoring, then he just laughs.
TYLER: Best subject- Kari Ann Haskell.
BRIZ: Not to mention her photos are amazing. [Kari created many of the photos found throughout this interview] As for looking for the best subjects, I look for people that want to be hypnotized. They are excited and they are really focused on what you have to say. These people tend to be somnambulists. Hypnosis tip from Jeffery Stephens.
BRIZ: Yes, I have found that to be true also. That's good advice.
TYLER: "If you hold your hand up with one finger in the air and say 'I'm a hypnotist' and bring your hand slowly down to your side, the somnambulists will watch your finger."
BRIZ: Perfect! Anything you'd like to add to wrap this up?
TYLER: The interview or the topic?
BRIZ: The whole thing. This is going to be a long interview to read. I may come back again for a follow-up, though.
TYLER: Alrighty. SASRosco03 will be used for hypnosis tips. Utah Hypnotist will have my stage videos. Rapid Trance Formations will have my website content. These are my YouTube channels. Rapid Trance Formations will have hypnotherapy, also.
BRIZ: I'll make sure I get links from you. [links both above and at the end of the interview]
TYLER: Alrighty, then.
TYLER: I just want to give some shout-outs.
BRIZ: Well, sure! I was waiting and no shout outs. Go right ahead, please.
TYLER: You, Nathan Thomas, Hypno Rich, Taylor Sherman, Sean Michael Andrews, Reg Blackwood, Gerry Kein, Sean Dee the Hypno Hick, Shawn Fetters, Trayce Waterlyn, the dude from Rapid Transformations. All my friends and family for supporting me! Anybody that I forgot, sorry.
BRIZ: Me?? What, are you serious, or just kidding around?
TYLER: You're doing the interview.
BRIZ: Ha-ha! A no-brainer.
TYLER: Oh, add Jeffery Stephens to the list.

BRIZ: You are such an up-and-coming talent and you have such a gift and passion for the craft.
TYLER: I'm going to be posting some new videos soon based around the hypnotic process- what, when, and why.
BRIZ: Sounds good. So any ultimate goal for yourself as a hypnotist?
TYLER: I want to enter into the medical field and use hypnosis there. I want to use hypnosis for health and healing. And clinical work.
BRIZ: Wonderful.
TYLER: With some stage shows on the side. Overall, I just want to be successful in life using hypnosis to help people.
BRIZ: I couldn't ask for a better send-off. Thanks so much, Tyler. This was great.
TYLER: Thank you, Mr. Brian. Oh, here is a good one.
BRIZ: Thanks again!!
TYLER: Real quick.
BRIZ: I must away.
BRIZ: Okay, shoot.
TYLER: Hahaha.
TYLER: When people ask me how I learned hypnosis I reply, "I didn't learn hypnosis, I studied it!" Hypnosis is not something you learn, it's something you study.
BRIZ: Great line. That's in.

Please visit Tyler, Utah's youngest professional hypnotist, at his websites and view his videos at the links within this interview or listed below.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And Now A Serious Word About Hypnosis

A serious word or two for all those who may wish to consider being hypnotized by me.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where the Heck Are the New Posts?!

Well, that's a good question. It has been two months since my last post, here on a blog I was really hoping would be updated 3-4 times a month. How on earth could that be? There's a pretty darn good reason.

I have nothing to talk about as all my hypnosis subjects have either vanished or bailed on me. Not kidding.

I had such great plans for this summer. A number of new subjects and great videos with back-stories to be told and shared here on the ol' blog. Spiffy-keen. But alas, 'twas not to be.

One new subject, who had a trial run at trance when he came to visit me about working as a model, was so excited about his first experience that he was practically jumping in place at the idea of returning and has never been seen again.

Another who is probably one of the best subjects I've ever had has become such a person in demand this summer that he is never available for anything. I would be astounded if he finds time to poop.

I met a sharp new subject at a summer party and was very impressed by how well he responded to suggestion and how effective his first-time trance state was. He was over the moon about appearing on my YouTube show. So much so, evidently, that he has missed several scheduled appointments and ignored a number of follow-up invitations.

Don't even get me started about the friend from out of state who was making a special trip to visit but had his work schedule changed and thus had to cancel.

The list goes on.

In short, I am feeling immeasurably cranky and irritable. I have begun to think that it's not just that summer is a crazy, busy, and unpredictable time of year. It's not that I am drawn to unreliable people. It's got to be me. I am doing something to drive away in droves those who would otherwise be excellent subjects. What the hell am I doing wrong?! If I knew, I would fix it pronto. But I have no clue. I don't know of any other hypnotists who have this problem.

Or maybe they do, and we just never hear about it.