Monday, June 7, 2010

YouTube Celebrities I Would Like To Hypnotize

As those of you who follow my blog (all seven of you) already know, I have a channel on YouTube called BrizyComics. It started out as me talking about and showcasing my cartoon work, with occasional mentions and demos on hypnosis. It soon shifted to the other way around and now it's a rare thing when I show cartoon work. The vast majority of my videos are now all about my hypnosis.

I recently met with a charming gentleman on his birthday and we enjoyed a wonderful hypnosis session together. He was a fan of my videos and a subscriber to my YouTube channel. As I showed him around Chateau Briz, it was both odd and strangely flattering to see him respond to my squishy gold couch as "the place where I hypnotized Cosmo" and the small sofa as "the spot where I put Horatio in his hip boots" and "where I turned Eric into a bunny". I began to realize just what kind of effect my channel was having on hypnosis enthusiasts when my new friend went to use the facilities and stopped in the doorway to exclaim, "The PIE bathroom!"

Besides giving me a new perspective on my everyday surroundings, it got me thinking about the presence YouTube has become in our lives, and how quickly we grow attached to those fine folks who show up in little screens on our computer monitors. My visitor told me that when we first met face to face, he felt as if he already knew me. So too do many of us feel when our favorite vloggers post new videos. Like good friends who've stopped in to say hello on our open and eager invitation, we sometimes forget that these online folks are miles away (even entire countries away) and though we feel as if we know them, we most often have not, and never will, meet them.

Well, what if that weren't the case? I got to thinking about which of my favorite YouTubers I would not only like to meet, but whom I would love to hypnotize. Now, hypnosis is indeed a gift and a wonderful, joyous experience. While there are a great many YouTube personalities I respect and admire, from Steve Hayes the Tired Old Queen At the Movies to comedic social commentator Pat Condell, only a few stand out immediately as "musts for my collection" whom I would truly love to hypnotize.

Scott Herman

Scott runs two YouTube channels, his personal vlog OhTheHermanity and his increasingly popular ScottHermanFitness, through which he liberally shares free fitness tutorials and guides everyone watching (from around the world) in exercise, personal training, and nutrition. Scott has a body like a superhero and a smile that shines with sincerity. I would love to hypnotize Scott to add even more fun to his life—if such a thing is possible—and show him that his mind and imagination are easily as strong as his body. For one thing, I'd love to treat him to hearing his beloved dog Bello talking to his master in English!

Chas Lilly

Chas (pronounced "Chase") has a channel called Friendswobenefits, and though it was originally designed as a back-and-forth series between him and a friend, he has run the vlog more than admirably solo. His quick-cut slice-of-life recollections are packed with side-splitting hilarity and foolishness. Chas sings, tells stories, and shares observations that can make me laugh so hard I fall out of my chair. I would love to put Chas under, introduce him to the Laughter Blaster, and return the favor.

Phil DeFranco

Phil is the man behind the ever-popular SxePhil show and the more recent NSFWS [Not Safe For Work Show]. Phil is fun, insightful, snide, and often derisively hysterical. This is the man I go to for all my hard news, since I've given up on just about every cable news network. Phil is a YouTube icon, and one whom I really like. Phil is not afraid to do nutty, fun things, like chuck himself out of an airplane and get it all on video for his viewers to watch. I would love to not only meet this YouTube legend, but give him the gift of unsurpassed happiness that is hypnosis. His experience could even make it onto his news show!

Charlie McDonnell

This international sensation and charming young British lad is well-known for his channel CharlieIsSoCoolLike. Besides being generally amusing, high-spirited and part of the exceptional band Chameleon Circuit, Charlie regularly takes on challenges from his viewers. He's painted his entire body purple, danced the Hoedown Throwdown (poorly), attempted to drink an entire bottle of ketchup (unsuccessfully), dyed his hair red, created balloon animals, and learned to juggle all in response to the whims of his loyal viewers. Well, here's a challenge, Charlie: Get hypnotized by Briz of BrizyComics! Considering how well hypnosis tends to work on the intelligent and imaginative, with his happy, outgoing personality and creative spirit, Charlie would most likely drop like a brick.

Paul Staffelbach

Paul is known to YouTubers as the GayComicGeek. He's adorable, upbeat, and truly passionate about things like comic books, animation, toys, and dressing up in incredibly cool costumes at big convention events. Paul has such a vivid mind and free spirit that I have no doubt that he would not only respond brilliantly to trance but would most likely be able to experience its full effects, with hallucinations and more. I would love to give him super powers so he could actually see lightning bolts bursting from his fingertips.

I can already think of several more potential subjects, but let's stop the list there for now. What do you think of this selection of Briz Celebrity Hypnosis candidates? Would you also like to see these fine folks put into trance by yours truly? Let me know. If we garner enough interest, we just might be able to make it happen. I'd really love that.

Above: Charlie McDonnell as The Purple Man (not to be confused with the Marvel Comics super-villain of the same name). Yes, he painted his entire body purple--his hair too--and that was WITHOUT any coercion by hypnotic trance!

Please Note: All photos and screencaps are copyright by their respective owners.