Sunday, April 11, 2010

By Golly, I'm All Over The Place!

Have you ever Googled yourself? Well, I did recently, I admit. I was actually in search of an old cartoon I had done as a commission and was trying to find the version of my black and white piece that had been colored. Well, I got a lot of results back, but not for my cartoons.

I found a number of links of my hypnosis videos that had been embedded and shared on a number of sites and pages. Hokey smokes, it seems I'm everywhere!

I'm not kidding, I found a whole bunch of sites where my videos had been shared by folks who evidently really enjoyed my work. One even had a big grid of thumbnails of my stuff that went on for two pages (!). Here's a sampling of my discoveries:

A page about myths and misconceptions of hypnosis-

A World of Warcraft page featuring videos of various cartoonists-

Somebody out there reaally likes my stuff!-

I'm on this page multiple times—WOW!

I guess I'm big overseas-

Shoe people seem to like me, too (no, really)-

So what is my reaction to this generous flinging about of my stuff? Besides flattery, I say "more power to you!". The more folks who get to see my videos and, I hope, enjoy them, the better. So nab those URL links, paste and post them, have fun with them. As long as nobody claims to be me or have the rights to my work and its content, you just keep right on embedding with my blessing. If you're going to appreciate me this much, I'll appreciate you right back. Blessings.


  1. Briz SHOULD be everywhere! All hail Briz! All hail Briz!

  2. Raise high the banner, Denver! But do it with humility...