Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your Arm Is A Pump Handle

I thought it was high time I posted an example of a full hypnosis induction by me. I often hypnotize a subject before I begin filming him for a video posting, or I simply apply rapid inductions to "get the show on the road". What follows below is a video in which I put a very wonderful friend and remarkable fellow, Eric, into trance for the very first time.

In this example, I make use of one of my favorite induction approaches of my own invention. Having the subject visualize his arm as the handle of an old-fashioned water pump. It sounds odd on the face of it, but I think you will find it both interesting and see that it is highly effective!



  1. Wonderful Video! Really enjoyed that one and BRAVO to your subject. Informative, entertaining and hypnotic...just the way I like it. I didn't get the huge rubber boots but to each his own! lol! Please ....more videos!


  2. Thanks, Rich!
    My longest-running cartoon character is a bumpkin who always wore big rubber boots. That has since become something of a trademark for me. I often incorporate them into my hypnosis routines.