Saturday, October 24, 2009

Go Get 'Em, Gunter!

I wonder from time to time if my great love of hypnosis, and the joy that comes from hypnotizing others, may indicate some kind of hypnotic addiction on my part. When I meet someone new and make a connection--or reconnect with old friends--I find that I often get struck by the desire to hypnotize them. The idea of sharing the joy of hypnosis with others is a powerful thing.

Enter The Amazing Gunter. I discovered Gunter on YouTube. He seems to be of German decent, judging by his accent [or perhaps he's just a really gifted young English showman named Tom Anderson who can do vocal impressions], and his little video which runs less than two minutes long, indicates that his love of hypnosis shadows even my own. Watch him make the rounds in Cambridge hypnotizing strangers with no other apparent goal in mind than to see them drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

I stress here the it is considered unethical to put someone under without their consent, and it is just good manners to back off when they decline. Neither consideration seems to bother the energetic Gunter, and unethical as it may be, the result is flippin' hilarious.

Do not try this on your own college campus. Have The Amazing Gunter do it for you.


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